Trains are not excluded from world economics

Hobby Prices Increasing
While the following does not immediately impact the collectible and used market, it will certainly have an effect at some point. Now is a good time (maybe the BEST) to grab whatever you have been putting off buying here at
The hobby industry is like any other. In some cases worse, as it is at the bottom of the money food chain. Available chips and boards are being made for the auto industry and computer biz which is more lucrative than the hobby business.
We have seen MTH actually cancel pre-orders because they could afford to make the and sell the item at the originally advertised price. The Z-4000 price has been hiked (to $649) to keep it profitable, and they could not afford to send it out at the old price.
Here is a message from Soundtraxx (a sound and decoder company). Similar messages have been sent out recently by Atlas, Woodland Scenics, and others.
From Soundtraxx:
"It is unlikely that this will come as a surprise unless you don’t read or watch the news at all. Effective immediately, nearly all List Prices will see an increase averaging between 4 and 10% in response to huge problems in the global supply chain.Cowcatcher magazine’s latest issue (July/August 2021) nicely details some of the problems in the article “Manufacturers juggle supply shortages”, on pages 8 and 9.Over the past 6-8 months, the supply of a large number of electronic components has simply dried up. While SoundTraxx orders parts a year in advance or more, even these components that have been on order and “confirmed” are simply not being delivered, or delivered incredibly late. Enter “supply and demand”.  As with almost everything we buy these days, prices are going up. A large percentage of parts being manufactured are being diverted to the automotive industry. Our prices of our raw parts have risen an average of 22-30% - when we can get them at all.SoundTraxx appreciates how challenging this is, and over the past 8 months, we have absorbed most of the increases with the expectation that this was temporary. While this may still be the case, there is no clearly understood timeline for this. We receive daily notices from our distributors regarding price increases for components we already have on order – and no – our pricing as originally placed is NOT being honored. Over and above the price increase, we expect that some of our products will go into a very long backorder state. We monitor this daily as we identify components that did not ship as scheduled. It is extremely unfortunate that many parts do not have alternate parts – and even if they do, those are suffering from the same unavailability.New prices will be updated on our website on July 1st."