Trains in Space?

This from Union Pacific's Steam Club:

Big Boy (Coin) In Space
In case you missed it in May, Astronaut Megan McArthur floated a commemorative Steam Crew coin in the weightlessness on the Space Station, tweeting: "We love trains in my family! One day I will take my son to see the reenactment at #GoldenSpike, and we are definitely going to chase down #UP4014 when I get back on Earth. Cheers to the Steam Crew that restored Big Boy Locomotive 4014 in time for the 150th Anniversary!"
In April, McArthur piloted NASA's SpaceX Crew-2 to the International Space Station. McArthur's son loves trains, and earlier this year, she contacted the Union Pacific Railroad Museum for something train-related that she could take into space. When McArthur's six month mission ends, the coin will join the Union Pacific Railroad Museum's permanent collection in Council Bluffs, Iowa.