Classic Lionel Display Layouts You Can Build Book Postwear dealer 10-8255 OOP C9

Classic Lionel Display Layouts You Can Build Book Postwear dealer 10-8255 OOP C9

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Long out of print and tough to find collector volume.
You are looking at a book that is no longer in publication.  This one is a fantastic resource--it shows you the layouts and designs of many of Lionel's great classic era dealer display layouts--mostly the small to medium sized dealer displays.  Don't pay the big bucks for the new remakes--build your own!!

Thumbing through these many pages brings back tons of memories--it is a real time trip.  This is a great way to do your research without damaging your more collectible MINT catalogs.  

  • Like NEW CONDITION--we are the original owners straight from the publisher years ago
  • 95 packed pages
  • LOTS of pictures
  • last offered in 2000!

The book features:

  • Postwar Wiring Diagrams
  • Parts Lists for the layouts
  • Includes 027, O, SUPER O, and HO
  • A Chapter on the History behind the dealer diplays
  • Color photos
  • Track Plans
  • Some of the specific displays with wiring diagrams and track plans include:
  • D-131 5x9
  • D-132 8x8
  • D-133 4x6
  • D-146
  • D-147 5x9
  • D-162 4x6
  • D-164 5x9
  • D-189 4x6
  • D-190 4x8
  • D-191 5x9
  • D-223 Super O 4x8
  • D-224 Super O 5x9
  • D-225 Super O 8x8
  • D-263 Super O 4x8
  • D-264 Super O 5x9
  • D-265 Super O 8x8
  • D-289 4x6
  • D-290 Super O 4x8
  • D-292 Super O 8x8
  • D-400 4x6
  • D-402 4x8
  • D-403 8x8
  • And a chapter on Ideas from the Masters

This is our last shelf copy.  It is unread and unowned.  NEW OLD STORE STOCK.  Educate yourself!  If you collect dealer displays or dealer items, you cannot be without this resource.