Industries Along the Tracks 2 Model Railroad Book Wilson book 12409 HTF C10 NEW

Industries Along the Tracks 2 Model Railroad Book Wilson book 12409 HTF C10 NEW

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You are looking at a book that is no longer in publication and is one of the more desirable books to find. This one is a fantastic resource for railroading in ANY scale or just for the railroad fan. This is one of the staples in any protypically-concerned modeler's library. Or anyone who loves trains--so much good info here.  88 pages

Out of print since 2006. It is the SECOND volume in the series. Check out our other listings--if you are fast enough we may still have some of them listed including the first volume.

A UNIQUE topic with information that transcends scale!

Jeff Wilson provides model railroaders with prototype photos, drawings, and information that will enable model railroaders to accurately replicate these industries and their traffic on a layout.

Accurately ,odeling industries and their traffic is a key to building and operating  a realistic model railroad. This book can help you to realistically model six major rail-served industries. This volume 2 explores six specific industries:

  • Coal (dealers and users)
  • Milk
  • Breweries
  • Iron ore
  • Paper
  • Merchandise Traffic
Chapters Include
  • Authentic photos of rolling stock, structures, and equipment
  • Detailed information on rail operations
  • Historical overview of the industry
  • Informative descriptions of industrial porocesses
  • Handy references to available models
  • More than 160 photos!

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