Dimestore Dreams 20006 US Army Ambulance 1:43 military Great fr O gauge load C10

Dimestore Dreams 20006 US Army Ambulance 1:43 military Great fr O gauge load C10

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You are looking at a great new plastic car that is made from the old school molds, so you have the best of both worlds.

This item is Dimestore Dreams

  • Catalog number 20006
  • Ambulance
  • Vintage streamline look
  • New in the box (we were original retailers for this item!)
  • Discontinued in 2002
  • US ARMY Military Series

These are great for

  • Plastic Playsets vintage and new
  • Super with your Gas Station or Service Station Diorama
  • As a load on a Lionel, Marx, MTH train flat car

The car is roughly 5 inches long.

We have also provided an interesting page from the original catalog showing the complete military line, for your collecting pursuits.

 Some History
The Dimestore Dreams line of plastic toy vehicles was created by Bill Hanlon, author of 'Plastic Toys - Dimestore Dreams of the 40s & 50s'. The vehicles are remakes of those sold in American dimestores in the years just after World War 2 in classic postwar America.  At the time, the then new plastics industry allowed for production of inexpensive yet accurate models.  Binary Arts, a games and puzzles company, teamed up with Hanlon for mass distribution.

Binary Arts presented Dimestore Dreams vehicles in February 2000 at the New York American International Toy Fair. They came out with twenty-three different vehicles and sets over the next three years.  The line's end was announced in 2002.

Now, these original items are getting tougher and tougher to find.