A Christmas Lesson--Best Time is Now

In the Christmas classic movie Elf, when Santa returns to the North Pole after his annual ride around the world, he tells the elves that this Christmas was a success. And now, he tells them, next Christmas starts today.


Of course, Santa is right.


And so it is with our Christmas trains. Is that special boxcar missing an axle? Is your favorite engine sputtering? Is that accessory missing pieces? Do you wish you had that ONE MORE car, engine, or accessory to make it all perfect? Do you need more power?? If you noticed this year that you needed something for the layout or scenes, or maybe an engine needs servicing, NOW is the time to take care of it—not next year when you get the boxes out.


My family watches The Polar Express every year on Christmas Eve. LAST year, Christmas Eve 2019, the blue ray froze and skipped in a few places (yes, we watch it a lot), so we paused the festivity while I put the older dvd copy we had in the player. I told myself I would either get the blu ray disc cleaned or buy a new one. But I put it away with the other movies, and sure enough, this Christmas Eve, I put in the disc completely oblivious to last year's freezes and skips. Again, it froze and skipped. Fortunately, I had my trusty backup dvd, but I had to interrupt the magic for a few minutes to change it out.


If you are like me, you will forget that need by next year. Then come the Holidays, you will remember, when again, you are in the craziest time of year or perhaps in the middle of your train-tastic tradition. Take care of it now, before you forget. Think of how impressed with yourself you will be when you get everything out next year, and you see that you have already taken care of that Christmas train need.


I just ordered a new Blu Ray of the Polar Express. I'll be ready. Will you?



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