American Flyer Circus Set CutOuts Diorama Video and Listing

Hurry Hurry Hurry!

Step Right Up!

Check out the American Flyer Circus Set Cardboard Cutout made into a nice diorama!

In 1950, American Flyer put out its famous Circus Set, something competitor Lionel never did in those days. The set consisted of a red painted bullet style steam engine and tender, two flat cars with two animal cages each, and a passenger coach for the Word's Greatest Show!

The hardest part to find these days is the cardboard cutout of the entire circus as well as the 22 tickets for the Circus.

In 1983, Greenberg Publishing produced a licensed reproduction that is considered the best in quality and thoroughness.

We have put together the circus set and landscaped it for you. AND we have included 22 reproduction tickets that are the only reproduction tickets the exact size (yes they are marked reproduction on the back).

The cutouts are so tedius that hardly anyone ever assembed a circus. Even today, the reproduction sheets are tough to cut.

We have done the heavy lifting for you. We cut the items out, designed the circus layout, affixed the items to the board, and landscaped it for you. And we even got your trapeze artists swinging high up over over the circus!

Check out the video below then visit the Ebay listing here: American Flyer Circus Cutout Diorama.