Lionel's LW Transformer, Dad's Favorite!

My Dad spent much of his early adulthood trying to buy all of the trains he never had as a relatively poor youngster growing up in small town Texas. We went to every small town auction, garage sale and estate sale that professed to have trains. Over time, he had amassed quite a collection which became the starting point for our business back around 1990.

With such a large collection, he could have had his pick of any transformer, but he always said that he preferred Lionel's LW. And that is saying something because he considered himself an American Flyer man!

Lionel produced the LW in 1957 until about 1966. It has 20 volts (higher than most at 16-18). It has whistle and direction control. It has a nice smooth handle. It has constant voltage posts for accessory power.

He had LWs on his layout, his test track, and his work bench. Why? He extolled the brute power of 125 watts through one channel. He liked the buttons for the whistle and direction as opposed to the springed handle on most others such as the 1033, KW, etc.

But I think he also liked the green glow that this transformer emits like no other. There is a little green cap on the center of the handle, and a bulb underneath, so it glows a light green, looking quite sci-fi in a dim light. For a child of the 50's, this must have felt really atomic!

So think of Dad and partake of his wisdom. Take a look at our LW transformers. If you have not considered them before, remember...when it comes to trains, Father Knows Best!

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