UP Steam Big Boy 4014 is Coming

This is not a drill.
Nor is it for your layout.
Real world, real train.
The Big Boy is coming, the Big Boy is coming.
Here is the 2021 tour schedule for 4014, hot off the presses from Union Pacific:
Thursday, Aug. 5: Cheyenne, Wyoming to Sidney, Nebraska
Friday, Aug. 6: Sidney, Nebraska to North Platte, Nebraska
Saturday, Aug. 7: North Platte, Nebraska Viewing
Sunday, Aug. 8: North Platte, Nebraska to Fairbury, Nebraska
Monday, Aug. 9: Fairbury, Nebraska to Kansas City, Missouri
Tuesday, Aug. 10: Kansas City, Missouri Viewing
Wednesday, Aug. 11: Kansas City, Missouri to Parsons, Kansas
Thursday, Aug. 12: Parsons, Kansas to McAlester, Oklahoma
Friday, Aug. 13: McAlester, Oklahoma to Fort Worth, Texas
Saturday, Aug. 14: Fort Worth, Texas Display Day
Sunday, Aug. 15: Fort Worth, Texas to Hearne, Texas
Monday, Aug. 16: Hearne, Texas to Houston, Texas
Tuesday, Aug. 17: Houston, Texas Display Day
Wednesday, Aug. 18: Houston, Texas to Beaumont, Texas
Thursday, Aug. 19: Beaumont, Texas to Livonia, Louisiana
Friday, Aug. 20: Livonia, Louisiana to New Orleans, Louisiana
Saturday, Aug. 21: New Orleans, Louisiana Display Day
Sunday, Aug. 22: New Orleans, Louisiana to Livonia, Louisiana
Monday, Aug. 23: Livonia, Louisiana to Shreveport, Louisiana
Tuesday, Aug. 24: Shreveport, Louisiana Viewing
Wednesday, Aug. 25: Shreveport, Louisiana to Prescott, Arkansas
Thursday, Aug. 26: Prescott, Arkansas to North Little Rock, Arkansas
Friday, Aug. 27: North Little Rock, Arkansas to Poplar Bluff, Missouri
Saturday, Aug. 28: Poplar Bluff, Missouri to St. Louis Missouri
Sunday, Aug. 29: St. Louis, Missouri Display Day
Monday, Aug. 30: St. Louis, Missouri to Jefferson City, Missouri
Tuesday, Aug. 31: Jefferson City, Missouri to Kansas City, Missouri
Wednesday, Sept. 1: Kansas City, Missouri Viewing
Thursday, Sept. 2: Kansas City, Missouri to Salina, Kansas
Friday, Sept. 3: Salina, Kansas to Hays, Kansas
Saturday, Sept. 4: Hays, Kansas to Sharon Springs, Kansas
Sunday, Sept. 5: Sharon Springs, Kansas to Denver, Colorado
Monday, Sept. 6: Denver, Colorado Display Day
Tuesday, Sept. 7: Denver, Colorado to Cheyenne, Wyoming
All of the details for whistle and overnight stops can be found on the official Union Pacific Steam Schedule at http://www.up.com/heritage/steam/schedule/index.htm . Some of the times listed are still subject to change, so be sure to review the schedule as the date gets closer.

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