WOW! A Professional American Flyer Layout Ready to Run

It is REALLY expensive to have a layout custom built. The baseline for the barest layout work is about $250/ sq foot. It goes up from there. We are in the wrong business, aren't we??

Here is one that was originally commissioned by a published American Flyer collector. He paid a lot. His loss is your gain. It is just under SIXTY square feet, at 11.75' x 5'.

Check it out at American Flyer Layout!

It has two loops. One is a figure eight that goes up and down. The other is an outer loop with two sidings. It has a mountain and a tunnel. Nicely landscaped and wired. Ready to run trains now. If you want to use the existing wiring and accessory activators already installed from the previous owner's accessories, you'll want to tie into it. I can provide the original placement of accessories to interested buyers.

Let me know if you have any questions!

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