Building City Scenery for Your Model Railroad train book 12204 C10 NEW scenery

Building City Scenery for Your Model Railroad train book 12204 C10 NEW scenery

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How often do you come across this book in NEW condition?
You are looking at a book that is no longer in publication but is new due to being new old stock from our shop. This one is a fantastic resource for railroading in ANY scale or just for the railroad fan. 

A UNIQUE topic with information that transcends scale!

There are lots of books about natural scenery and even industrial scenics, but how about the city? here is a book that focuses on building your city scenery. The popularity of city-scape modeling is growing! This is THE book that shows modelers how to get started.

With the variety of new city structures and details now available, modelers are looking for a guide to help them build their own realistic urban setting--this book is it! Initial chapters introduce concepts of urban development; later chapters give specific instructions on how to model realistic city structures and scenes of any size in any scale.


  • step-by-step photos, technical illustrations, and a variety of approaches to assembling a model city for a model railroad
  • Ideal for intermediate modelers who want to enhance realism on their layouts
  • Includes instruction on kitbashing, working with forced perspective, modeling fine details, and more
  • Written by award-winning modeler and clinician John Pryke
Published in 2000, these 96 pages are still as relevant as they were when the  book was first out.